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Caring for Small Bonsai Trees Takes Patience

July 10, 2012 by  
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Tweet One of the most challenging aspects of caring for bonsai trees is knowing how to care for them when they are small. These baby trees are extremely fragile and it takes some extreme patience and a delicate hand to prune and care for them. You must be gentle with your tools when pruning a […]

Material Relating to Growing Bonsai Bushes

October 6, 2010 by  
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Tweet The art of increasing little trees that resemble full-sized mature ones is known as bonsai. Its purpose is simply for the pleasure of increasing them and to become able to take pleasure in their beauty. Following the second world war, there was a wonderful deal of info on the market relating to this art […]

Japanese Black Pine Bonsai

September 30, 2010 by  
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Tweet The Japanese black pine bonsai is one of the most desired species of Bonsai.  It has a very specific growing pattern which makes it unique among Bonsai trees and it is not a tree that the beginner should attempt to cultivate due to the time and care involved in upkeeping. If you are an […]

What do you want to learn about Bonsai?

Tweet Dear Friend, I know that your time is valuable, so I’ll get right to the point. I need your advice! I’m putting the finishing touches on a new product called “Growing Bonsai for Beginners,” and want to make sure that I don’t leave anything out. So, will you let me know your biggest question […]

Using Artificial Bonsai to Decorate Your Home

September 1, 2010 by  
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Tweet So you like bonsai trees but you have a brown thumb…what do you do now?  Good news for you is that you can still enjoy the look of bonsai with artificial bonsai plants.  Typically these are pretty reasonably priced and in many cases look just like the real thing (that is unless you get […]

Bonsai Tree Soil – The KEY to Growing Healthy Bonsai

July 8, 2010 by  
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Tweet Bonsai tree soil is probably one of the most important factors in whether your Bonsai trees thrive or struggle.  Those who are masters of the art of Bonsai have known for years the benefits that professional Bonsai soil gives to their trees.  Too many times those new to the art of Bonsai will make […]

Q: Caring for a Bonsai Tree on Vacation

July 7, 2010 by  
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Tweet Question:  Is caring for a Bonsai tree while I’m on vacation difficult?  Do I need to hire someone to take care of my plant while I’m gone? ~Louise in Tulsa, OK Hi Louise and thank you for your question!  The answer to your question really depends upon how long you intend to be gone.  […]

Bonsai Trimming – Do Not Make These Mistakes!

April 26, 2010 by  
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Tweet Bonsai trimming is an important factor in keeping your indoor bonsai alive and happy.  Many people make crucial errors when trimming their bonsai which cause their trees to be vulnerable to disease and ultimately die.  In an effort to help you here are some things you always need to remember when trimming your bonsai: […]

Bonsai Gardenia ~ One Of Japan’s Treasures!

March 27, 2010 by  
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Tweet Whenever you think about bonsai gardenia might not be quite so recognized in this country, however the gardenia is among the most popular varieties in Japan for bonsai, a few others being pine, azalea, maple, and plum. Bonsai is a unique art form with regards to raising shrubs or trees. A mix of proficient […]

Zelkova Bonsai ~ Growing Requirements And Tips

March 9, 2010 by  
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Tweet The Zelkova bonsai is a well-known variety of bonsai which is particularly well-liked because of its resistant to bug infestations as well as disease complications. This particular aspect helps it be a fairly easy tree to cultivate. However it is primarily the resistance that additionally causes it to be one of the most costly […]