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Japanese Black Pine Bonsai

September 30, 2010 by  
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Tweet The Japanese black pine bonsai is one of the most desired species of Bonsai.  It has a very specific growing pattern which makes it unique among Bonsai trees and it is not a tree that the beginner should attempt to cultivate due to the time and care involved in upkeeping. If you are an […]

What do you want to learn about Bonsai?

Tweet Dear Friend, I know that your time is valuable, so I’ll get right to the point. I need your advice! I’m putting the finishing touches on a new product called “Growing Bonsai for Beginners,” and want to make sure that I don’t leave anything out. So, will you let me know your biggest question […]

Using Artificial Bonsai to Decorate Your Home

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Tweet So you like bonsai trees but you have a brown thumb…what do you do now?  Good news for you is that you can still enjoy the look of bonsai with artificial bonsai plants.  Typically these are pretty reasonably priced and in many cases look just like the real thing (that is unless you get […]