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Bonsai Training Pots ~ Picking the Right Pot for your Bonsai

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Tweet The cultivation of indoor bonsai is simply not for the impatient. These stunning little trees require several years to be designed and nurtured to full maturity. Throughout the whole process, they are going to spend quite a bit of time in Bonsai Training Pots. It is just an aspect of the development that can […]

Indoor Bonsai Seeds – Where to Find The Best Seeds

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Tweet Growing indoor bonsai seeds into your own bonsai tree can be a very rewarding experience! It can also be a very frustrating experience if you do not get your seeds from a reputable company. The cultivating of bonsai trees after having grown them from seeds calls for a lot of patience and care. With […]

Q: Beginner Tips and Tools You Will Need To Grow Bonsai

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Tweet Question:   I am a Bonsai newbie. Before I dive in and start creating a tree is there anything that I can read or things I need to know before I begin? ~ Matthew in Chicago Hello Matthew!  Growing a Bonsai tree indoors can be a rewarding experience even for the most novice of gardeners. […]