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The History of Bonsai

August 29, 2009 by  
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Tweet Before we start diving into the different styles of bonsai trees – let’s recap what we’ve already discussed: Basic Bonsai Tools 101 for Indoor Bonsai In this lesson we talked about the fact that there are MANY different indoor bonsai tools available to you. We found out there are (4) basic tools that you […]

Buying Your First Bonsai Tree

August 23, 2009 by  
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Tweet You should now have your 4 essential indoor bonsai tools and I bet you are itching to being pruning something! No worries…you are close! Today we are start talking about picking your first indoor bonsai tree. Exciting, isn’t it!? Today we will talk about which trees are the best for beginners and what each […]

Basic Bonsai Tool Sets 101

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Tweet You will no doubt have many questions about the art of BonsaiĀ  including which Bonsai tool setsĀ  are truly necessary for beginners. This hobby can get expensive and it is very easy to go overboard and spend tons of money buying tools that you won’t need until you become more advanced in pruning your […]